Redtop Flycatchers

May 14, 2020

Solve your fly problems with our Redtop Flycatchers!

Do You Have a Client That Is Being Harassed by Swarms of Flies That They Just Can’t Seem to Get Rid Of? Then We Just Have the Solution for You!!

Redtop Flycatchers is a unique product that took the South African market by storm. It is a locally made product which is both safe, practical and easy-to-use.

Our Redtop Flycatchers use a non-toxic protein-based bait which lures flies through a turret into a three-liter trap from which they can’t escape. Studies show that around 85% of flies caught in the trap are female. When you control the female, the entire fly population in the are can be brought under control. Once the flies are caught, they cannot escape the trap and because they aren’t able get out of the trap, the flies won’t build immunity to the bait.

This trap, with its thin walled, downwardly tapering, transparent plastic container, has multiplied (by test) fly catching rates from 14 flies per minute to up to 155 per min for traps of this general size.

There are five main components that make up the Redtop Flycatcher:

  • A turret through which the flies enter to get into the trap.
  • A cover dish which is the “chassis” of the trap.
  • A mesh cone which stops the flies from escaping once inside.
  • A bag which contains the bait and the trapped flies.
  • A powdered bait which is mixed with water within the trap.
  • A sachet of bait lasts from six to eight weeks before replacement is necessary.

Redtop Flycatchers are ideal for both home and commercial use. The trap should be placed a maximum of 15 meters away from a home, farm building or business premises so as to draw the flies away from the premises and into the trap.

What are the advantages of trapping?

  • The use of no insecticides – this is a non-poisonous lure only, giving complete ecological safety.
  • No need to train any Pest Control Operators – you will only need to follow the simple product instructions.
  • The Re-usable traps are serviceable for up to five years and we have spares available.
  • The running costs is a fraction of that of insecticides.
    It is non-toxic.
  • It is environmentally friendly.

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