Business as new normal

Aug 19, 2020

The importance of reaching out to customers during COVID-19

As Covid-19 Has Brought Dramatic Changes to Our Lives over the past Months, Some Pest Control Businesses Have Managed to Adjust to the “new Normal” Whilst Others Have Not Been as Successful. It Is Vital for the Survival of Your Business to Reconnect and Communicate with Your Customers During This Period of Uncertainty.

Let customers know that you are there for them

Inform customers that your business is adhering to COVID-19 regulations and procedures, this will demonstrate that you not only value their safety but the safety of your staff as well.
Communicate to your customers the services that are currently being offered and what your business hours are. By doing so you will avoid customers becoming frustrated if they aren’t aware of any changes to their usual service.

Explain the importance of an uninterrupted pest control service

Educate customers about the benefits of maintaining a pest-free environment such as minimal disruptions when re-opening and avoiding negative reviews from customers that witness pest problems.

Identify the risks involved when continuing a customer account

Be aware that customers might be unable to meet their payment obligations due to the COVID-19 lockdown period. Pest control companies must assess the risk of continuing to service an account that they might not receive payment for compared to offering a payment holiday with a service break for the customer. By offering a solution to customers demonstrates that you value the business relationships, which will create loyalty in the long term.

Keep engaging with customers throughout the disrupted period of lockdown

Reaching out and communicating to your customers can provide you with valuable insight into the current situation in the industry, and can be used to minimise risks and help protect your business.

Create opportunities for new sales and services

When servicing accounts following the lockdown period, you may encounter pest issues that were not there previously. These pest issues can create an opportunity for new sales and therefore help generate more income for your business. Customers that have been impressed with your service during the lockdown period will be more likely to recommend you to others.