How our GENUS® LED FLY RANGE can help you to drive sustainability within your client’s business

Nov 3, 2021

It Is Well Known That the Covid-19 Crisis Has Disrupted the World Environmentally, Commercially, and Socially – Especially Within Poorer, Marginalized Communities. However, One Aftereffect Is Undeniably Positive: It Has Motivated Individuals and Businesses to Be More Sustainable. Therefore, Sustainability in Business Has Become a Major Buzz Word in the Business World Today, and You Must Be Asking Yourself, Precisely What Sustainability in Business Means?

According to GetSmarter, companies would traditionally interpreted it as a focus on financial strategies that guarantee long-term economic success, but this is only part of the definition. Research shows that business sustainability is defined as a fluid construct that differs according to a company’s industry, goals, and the product or service it provides. Although adaptable, sustainability in business has one common thread: it offers every organization and professional the chance to create long-term value and make an impact that matters

Why Is It Important to Drive Sustainability Within Business?

Beyond the moral responsibility to do better as a business and individual, sustainability has a number of core organizational benefits. It can ignite innovation, achieve substantial cost savings, improve financial performance, and elevate a company’s reputation. It can also find new customers, as there’s a growing base of consumers who purposefully support brands and companies that align with their values.

How can our Genus LED range help you to drive sustainability and save on electricity and carbon emission costs?

Not only does our Genus LED range provide a reduction in carbon emissions for improved environmental well-being. It is also already ahead of its time and meet or exceeds the UN SDG goal 7.3 through at least 50% reduction in carbon emissions and energy consumption. While also contributing to SDG 13 for Climate Action.

The Genus LED Range is also designed to be cost-effective and consumes less power, resulting in a significant decrease in electrical running costs. To be exact, you will get a 68% reduction in electrical running cost.

Our Genus LED range offers you sustainable technology with unrivalled performance.

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