Jun 22, 2020

FUMITE OPP: Proven effective against viruses

Fumite Opp (2-phenylphenol) Is a General Surface Disinfectant Used in Domestic, Medical, Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial Premises.

Fumite OPP smoke generators produce a dry disinfectant smoke which is effective against viruses, bacteria, and moulds.

The active ingredient is carried throughout the treatment area via the smoke and comes into contact with all surfaces in the room and treats both surfaces and air. In this way it gets onto any hard to reach areas that normally wouldn’t be penetrated by a traditional aerosol disinfectants.

Benefits of Fumite OPP

  • It requires no specialised fumigation equipment.
  • Reduces airborne and hidden contamination sources which will prevent recontamination.
  • Allows for disinfection of surfaces without any risk of corrosion.

Where can Fumite OPP be used?

  • Hatcheries
  • Food and drink production
  • Food and vegetable storage
  • Empty grain storage
  • Commercial and industrial premises
  • Food transport vehicles
  • Public health disinfectants (hospitals, supermarket trolleys)

To Further Assist You, We Have Compiled a List of Frequently Asked Questions about Fumite Opp and Our Expert Answers:


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Can Fumite OPP contaminate final product, raw product or open raw products in food processing facilities?
A: Fumite OPP cannot be used on or with crops or raw product present. It is used for empty stores and treatment areas. If the food and drinks cannot be moved, it must be enclosed in a securely sealed container. Food contact surfaces need to be wiped down with potable water after treatment.
Can I use it with animals present?
A: Fumite OPP cannot be used with animals present.
Is it best practice to measure the cubic meters in a facility, before application commences?
A: Yes, to ensure the correct number / or size of generators are used.
Does Fumite OPP really cover the cubic meters stated on the brochure?
A: Yes, application rates are as per the cubic meters listed in the brochure.
How do I light the generator? Do I use both the supplied pellets?

A: Follow all instructions provided on the label and with the generator.

  1. Shake before opening
  2. Place on heat-resistant surface (refer to label for size)
  3. Open can
  4. Remove bag of igniter pellets
  5. Remove label completely (and cardboard ring 1kg & 500g only)
  6. Light igniter pellet (one only) until smoking
  7. Drop 1 smoking igniter pellet into generator through center hole in disc
Can I stay in the area during treatment?
A: No. Once the last generator is smoking leave the treatment area immediately. If several generators are being used light, then light in sequence starting with the furthest from an identified exit.
How long should it burn for?

A: Burning times vary per generator size. Generally burning times are:

  • 100g: >40 seconds
  • 400g: >90 seconds
How long does it take to work?

A: Area should be left for no less than four hours or two hours per 1.5m ceiling height.

How long do I need to ventilate the area for?

A: Ventilate with doors and windows open for 30-60 minutes before entering the premises.

Is Fumite OPP safe to transport, in case of an accident what procedures need to be followed?
Shelf life of the product

A: 2 years from packing (Date of Manufacture (DOM)) as long as the generator is stored in the original unopened tin at ambient temperatures.

Although Fumite OPP has not yet been tested for Coronavirus or Vaccinia Virus (which is the accepted surrogate for SARS CoV 2). However, it has been tested successfully against the Avian Influenza Virus which forms part of the Coronaviridae family.

Fumite OPP is registered with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) with the registration number: Act5GNR529/261740/120/1048.

For more information on our Fumite OPP range, please follow this link