Know Your Role as a Pest Control Operator

Feb 28, 2020

For customers, a pest problem might not appear very serious in the beginning, but in no time, they realize that it can turn into a severe issue. In order to avoid situations like these from becoming a threat to the customer’s property and health, they will hire pest control companies to ensure that the job is done right.

In this new era, customers have access to the internet and ample amounts of information, so that means we are dealing with educated customers.

This means that as a Pest Control Company/Operator you need to know exactly what the customer expects of you and to you need to be dedicated in providing versatile services that will ensure a pest-free environment at your customer’s property.

We have made a list of 7 standard services or behaviors that customers expect to receive from a professional pest control company/operator:

  • On-time arrival – being punctual and arriving on site on-time is very important for any pest control operator
  • Appearance – While it’s normal as a pest control operator to often get dirty due to a variety of activities included in your job, you should always be in uniform, conveying a neat a professional image
  • Inspection – Listed as one of the most important tasks, a through site inspection is a must. You are expected to check windows, roofs, pipes, and other crawlspaces to determine the source and level of infestation
  • Discussion – Providing the customer with a Pre-service discussion to answer questions related to the infestation helps to deliver the customer with better direction and understanding of the process
  • Treatment – As a pest control operator you are expected to perform activities and treatments as previously discussed with your customer
  • Post-Treatment Recommendations – It’s very important to try and educate your customer on how to prevent any future infestations
  • Written Report – Last but not least, leaving a copy of a detailed report, along with aftercare instructions, is expected from you as the pest control company.
Providing your customers with the best possible service before, during and after service, will ensure success for your pest control business in the future.