Xlure RTU

  • The Xlure RTU is a ready to use diamond trap containing nature identical pheromones for attracting stored product flying insects.
  • Xlure RTU diamond traps can be used as part of comprehensive or simple monitoring programmes in food production and storage.
  • Designed to target Plodia/Ephestia species with the option of choosing one of our combo traps that include additional pheromones.
  • Precision dosed pheromone and food attractant incorporated into glue for dual-action insect attraction.
  • Pherogel™ technology used to ensure the steady release of pheromones.
  • Traps multiple insects, reducing labour costs of handling individual pheromone dispensers.
  • Insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • Ready to use and disposable, therefore prevents possible contaminations from nicotine, pesticides, scented lotions etc.
  • High quality cardboard with printed grid for easy insect counting.
  • Metal detectable to prevent entry into food production lines.
  • Data table to record weekly insect counts.
  • Available with wall hangers that hold the trap away from the wall, allowing airflow to move the pheromone through the trap for a broader reach.
  • Available in three pheromone combinations depending on monitoring requirements.
Registration Number
L 10977 Act/Wet 36 of/van 1947

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6 pack

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Xlure RTU