Temprid SC

  • A suspension concentrate with contact and systemic action, good knockdown and long lasting residual control.
  • Indoor and outdoor control of American and German cockroaches, flies, ants, carpet beetles, fishmoths, litter beetles, mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, hide and skin beetles, hide and skin larve.
  • Resistance breaking – two complementary modes of action.
  • Versatile – Indoor and Outdoor application. Ideal for Perimeter pest treatment.
  • Fast knockdown with superb flushing properties.
  • Reduced call backs. Long lasting residual control (8-12 weeks).
  • Milled dual active ingredient with contact and systemic action.
  • Water based – no stains, no smell, improved safety profile due to the absence of solvents.
  • Low use rate – excellent value per dose and increased profits.
  • Active ingredient: Imidacloprid (neonicotinoid) 251 g/l Beta-cyfluthrin (pyrethroid) 125 g/l.
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L9853 Act No. 36 of 1947

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Temprid SC