Xlure MST Trap & Refill

  • Xlure MST ( Multi Species Trap) is one of our top multi- species traps for the most common crawling insects found in facilities along the food chain.
  • Designed to reduce the cost of monitoring a wide spectrum of species by containing multiple pheromones and attractants in one trap.
  • It has a sturdy plastic shell with replaceable ready to use cartridge.
  • Combines multiple pheromones and attractants for monitoring the main crawling stored product insects.
  • It is insecticide free and non-toxic.
  • 360° access for insects.
  • Designed to provide an attractive sheltered environment to target insects.
  • The trap top completely covers the slotted base, preventing dust and debris accumulation.
  • Angled body on the trap facilitates the upward movement of insects. Rough texture around trap base aids pest grip.
  • Slick Teflon interior oiled with attractant that makes insect escape impossible.
  • Durable, compact trap that is easy to install, with a spill-proof replaceable cartridge.
  • Tether system available to secure traps in place, preventing unwanted removal/displacement.
  • Xlure MST Refill (RUS000405) is also available for sale and is sold in a 10 pack.
Registration Number
L 10976 Act/Wet 36 of/van 1947

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5 pack

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Xlure MST Trap & Refill