Snap’em Spray

  • Snap’Em sprays come in four tempting flavours that are irresistible to rats and mice.
  • The spray can be used as bait itself or as a fragrance to disguise the odour of humans and new boxes.
  • When applying the spray rats and mice are less cautious to approach bait-stations.
  • The non- toxic spray can be used after every visit to ensure the rodents don’t detect human interaction.
  • Rodenticide free and non-toxic.
  • Clean and simple application to any bait station or trap.
  • Quick to attract both rats and mice, including bait shy rodents.
  • Quick and cost effective solution to baiting snap traps and live catch traps. Can be used all year round, indoors and outdoors as part of a simple or complex monitoring programme.
  • No risk to wildlife or pets.
  • Homogenius mixture unlike other products available. Do not need to shake before application.
  • Non sticky texture.
  • Up to 500 sprays in a 100ml ready to use bottle.

Product Code

Snap Em Spray Chocolate – RUS018-SSCH
Snap Em Spray Peanut – RUS018-SSP

Pack Size

100ml Bottle

Additional Information

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Snap’em Spray