Racumin Tracking Powder

  • An anti-coagulant poison for control of the NORWAY RAT, ROOF RAT and HOUSE MOUSE in and around human and animal dwellings, factories, warehouses and other storage premises.
  • Endorsed by the Griffon Poison Information Center.
  • Multiple feed anti-coagulant rodenticide.
  • Unique formulation.
  • Reduced risk of secondary poisoning.
  • Effective rodent control in unique environments i.e. rat trails, rat burrows and manufacturing of own bait.
  • Mode of action: Repeated intake of small dosages is required for eradication of rodents.
  • Active ingredient: Coumatetralyl (anti-coagulant) 7,5 g/kg.
Registration number
L2800 Act No. 36 of 1947

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Racumin Tracking Powder