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  • A universal anticoagulant bait for the control of rats and mice indoors and outdoors.
  • Unique 3D Properties:  Stop Feeding Effect & Resistance Breaking.
  • SUPERIOR EFFICACY –  ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Improved efficacy against rats and mice, and effective against susceptible mice.
  • FASTER RESULTS: Quickly stops rodent damage.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: “Stop feeding” effect triggers a saving of bait – less bait is required to achieve control, less waste (20-50%) and less waste product to retrieve.
  • LOW ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT: It’s “Stop feeding” effects of Cholecalciferol decrease the levels of A.I. residues in dead rodents by 75%, therefore, reduces the risk of secondary poisoning of predatory birds and mammals.
  • MODE OF ACTION: Repeated intake of small dosages is required for eradication of rodents.
  • Active ingredient: Coumatetralyl (anti-coagulant) 0,375 g/kg CAUTION.
  • CO-FORMULANT: Cholecalciferol 0,10 g/kg.


Registration number: L10218 Act No. 36 of 1947.
Product Code: BAY79429924.
Pack Size: 5kg.




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