Maxforce Quantum

  • A ready-to-use, odourless, inconspicuous and non-repellant insecticidal bait for the control of ants in and around domestic premises, public buildings, food storage and handling premises and industrial premises.
  • Highly attractive to ants. Control the colony/nest.
  • Viscous liquid ant bait for application via a standard gel applicator.
  • Ready-to-use. Odourless & nonstaining.
  • Clear, transparent and inconspicuous in appearance.
  • Stays palatable for at least 3 months.
  • Favourable risk profile.
  • Active ingredient: Imidacloprid (chloro-nicotinyl) 0,3 g/kg.
Registration Number
L8460 Act No. 36 of 1947

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Pack Size

30g tube

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Maxforce Quantum