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  • A water dispersible granule containing a residual contact pyrethroid for the control of malaria vector mosquitoes.
  • A reliable water dispersible granule insecticide for Residual Sprays.
  • Good residuality on most surfaces.
  • Broad-spectrum, fast-acting insecticide for residual surface application.
  • One 20 g sachet is enough to cover up to 500 m² surface.
  • Reduced bulk thus reducing storage and transport costs.
  • Better mixing characteristics than wettable powders.
  • CONTROLS: Malaria-transmitting and nuisance mosquitoes, sand flies, flies, fleas and bed bugs.
  • Active ingredient: Deltamethrin (pyrethroid) 250 g/kg CAUTION.


Registration number: L7372 Act No. 36 of 1947.
Product Code: BAY080510969.
Pack Size: 20g Sachet.




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