Byotrol Invirtu Hand Sanitiser

  • INVIRTU alcohol-free Hand Foam Sanitiser is clinically proven to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance, without the need for additional moisturising products.
  • INVIRTU alcohol-free Hand Foam Sanitiser is proven to be as effective as alcohol sanitisers but comes without the additional risks associated with misuse of alcohol sanitisers, making it the ideal choice for healthcare settings.
  • Proven effective against Coronavirus.
  • Fast acting.
  • Protects against bacteria between washes.
  • Dermatologically tested – doesn’t sting or damage skin.
  • Clinically proven not to dry hands with repeated use.
  • Maintains natural pH balance.
  • Colour and fragrance-free.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Sufficient drying time to be effective.
  • Long-lasting antibacterial protection.
  • Non-flammable.
  • No risk of alcohol poisoning.
  • Less risk of eye irritation.
  • Also available in 25lt (code: BYOB2035-25) pack size.

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Byotrol Invirtu Hand Sanitiser