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How to prevent an ant infestation

One of the most frequently asked questions we get from pest control operators are – what happens to ant activity when the spring rains arrive in south africa? Once the warmer weather starts to approach, and the relief of spring rain hits south africa, some insects become more active; these include flies, ants, fleas and numerous other crawling and flying insects.

Ant activity and breeding tends to increase during warmer weather, and you are bound to receive multiple calls to assist with eradicating your customers ant problem.

We have put together a 4-step process for successfully preventing an ant infestation at your customer account. Follow these easy steps to make sure you tackle any ant control problem head on and to ensure you eradicate the problem before it gets out of control:

Step 1: inspection

  • The first step is to do a thorough inspection to locate foraging trails, ant colonies and any conditions conducive to an ant infestation.
  • Remember more than one species may be found in and around the structure you are inspecting.
  • When inspecting for foraging workers, pay close attention to “line” where ants like to travel. These include expansion cracks in driveways, sidewalls, and sidewalks as well as along foundation walls, fence lines etc.

Step 2: identification

The peculiar habits and biology of the ant species in South Africa will help you find where the colony or colonies are located, and this will assist you to develop the most cost-effective treatment strategies for your customer.

Very important: if you are unsure of what ant specie you are dealing with – collect specimens and send it to us for positive identification.

Step 3: recommendation

  • Present your customer with an integral pest management (IPM) program that addresses the current problem and identify what conditions may be contributing to the infestation.
  • Correcting these conditions will help to prevent any future infestations.

Step 4: treatment

In most cases, effective control includes a pesticide application in combination with non-chemical control procedures that will eliminate conditions conducive to ant infestations, such as exclusion, trimming vegetation away from the structure, eliminating moisture problems, removing dead wood, etc.

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