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PES Cockroach Brochure

This guide is designed to provide helpful information on cockroaches, and how to identify, inspect and treat areas of cockroach infestation.

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Signs of a Termite Problem

Termites can be become a serious pest and cause severe damage to property. Find a solution to your termite problem here

Signs of a Termite problem

Different Types of Ant Nests

  • Argentine ant – nests are built in exposed or covered soil and are never indoors.
  • Black ant – nests are built in sheltered soil such as under paving.
  • Brown house ant – nests create small mounds of soil that have been thrown outwards during its construction.

Ants causing issues? Find a solution here

Different types of ant nests

Signs of Rodent Infestation

Remember to carry out a thorough inspection of the infested site to correctly identify the exact rodent species you are dealing with as their behaviour and feeding habits differ. Bait Stations and poison baits such as Tomcat Blox and Fastrac Blox offer a cost-effective solution to rodent infestations

Signs of Rodent Infestations

Where to hang Red Top Fly Catchers

The Redtop fly catcher range is a proven outdoor fly trap that is highly effective and easy to use.

Find the Redtop range on this link

Red Top Fly Catchers